Life Members

Life Membership of the Scarborough Junior Football Club is awarded to people who have given exceptional service to the Club in one or more official positions. Life Members have gone above and beyond their roles, volunteering a high number of hours to the Club throughout their children’s playing years.

New Life Members are nominated and voted for by the Committee. Life Members are then inducted at the Life Member’s Luncheon held each year on Scarborough Day

Year InductedName
A Ewen
K Backshall
G Blakers
N Brown
D Bullied
J Dawson
M Dawson
K Edwards
W Francis
N Gates
J Govan
E Hagdorn
R Halnan
W Hooper
K Kelly
T Lavater
D Lavater
P McGann
C McNamara
J McQuade
D Nicholls
C North
B Pritchard
J Rees
M Robilliard
E Slater
D Scholte
A Snook
J Somers
D Somers
P Somers
H Walker
P Wearne
J Wilson
2014V George
2014P Taylor
2014G Wylde
2015G Bandy
2015T Dunne
2015C MacFarlene
2016S Cross
2016C Diamond
2016S Powell
2017B Dingle
2017C Greaves