Player Life Members

Player Life Memberships are awarded to players that play 125 games for Scarborough Junior Football Club. Games are tallied from Yr4  to YR12.

Year InductedNameCareer Games
2007George Hampson
2007Pablo Kilgren
2007Cody Lynch-Taylor
2007Hamish McDonald
2007Conor Mills
2007Greg Moore
2007Joel Robillard
2007Zach Ryan
2007Alex Scholte
2007Curtis Somers
2007Bob Taylor
2008Tom Doney
2008Jordan Elliott
2008Phil Kearns
2008Jack Kelly
2008Braden King
2008Tim MacFarlane
2008Levi Morris
2008Michael Oliver
2008Simon Richards
2008Nicky Winmar
2015Zack Cross150
2015Luke Childs147
2015Mitchel Blakers140
2015Justin Diamond147
2015Jamie Mainstone146
2015Mitchell George144
2015Sam Wylde141
2016Nick Mayne143
2016Angus Franklin135
2016Harrison Clape130
2016Chase Mitchell125
2017Jack Dingle136
2017Sean Ellis129
2017Lachlan Greaves139
2017Luke Green139
2017Connor Hawkesford127
2017Wil Powell126
2017Cameron Stedman127
2017Brodie Wells131
2019Ben Ramshaw131