Registration Refunds

The intent of this policy is to provide some clarity about how refunds will be granted, to give a mutually amicable outcome for the Club and the individual.

SJFC players who register with SJFC for the coming season but do not play part or all of the season, may be entitled to a full or partial refund of their registration fees based on the reason for not playing out the season.

The cut-off date for full refunds is before the commencement of Round 1.

The cut-off date for partial refunds is at the conclusion of Round 5.

The decision to refund is determined by the SJFC Committee, based on the guidelines below. If the decision is disputed by the claimant, it will be taken to the next Annual General Meeting, where a vote will be conducted by those entitled to vote at AGM’s.

Applications for a full or partial refund need to be made in writing to the Club’s Secretary.

SJFC will only refund monies paid to the Club. If a player has utilised the KidSport rebate as part of their registration, the rebate may be able to be transferred to another club if the player registers and plays there. 


Refunds may be given for the following circumstances:

  • The Club cannot place the player into a suitable team i.e. team does not proceed due to not enough or too many players for their age group and no merchandise has been issued;
  • A player chooses to leave and play for another Club;
  • The player’s personal circumstances change e.g. moving away from area;
  • The player becomes injured or ill and it’s predicted he/she will not play;
  • A player is selected into a higher Representative/District Team and is unable to play for the Club;
  • A player decides not to play on.

Partial Refund Amount

The partial refund amount is to be equal to the total registration fee paid minus the value of any merchandise provided plus a $50 administration fee to cover the District levies/fees component and Club expenses such as insurance, IT, administration etc.

Partial Refund = Total Registration Fee – Merchandise – Administration Fee.

Other Circumstances

Other circumstances that are not listed above will be assessed by the SJFC Committee taking into consideration the reason for a refund and the expenses incurred by the Club.


It is not the Club’s intention to make a profit out of players not playing for the Club.

  • The Club won’t stand in the way of players who do not wish to be part of the Club.
  • The refund policy is intended to ensure the Club is not out of pocket due to refunding registration fees.