Become a Sponsor

Is your business looking to increase its profile in the community by:

  • Demonstrating good community spirit
  • Demonstrating commitment to improve youth development
  • Linking your brand to a progressive community club
  • Opening up other channels of marketing and promoting your brand
  • Just helping out the kids today who will be the potential clients of tomorrow

At Scarborough we are looking to improve our sponsorship base and we are currently recruiting for the 2020 season and beyond. We have 150+ Auskick T-shirts and 200+ club training shirts all looking for a company logo. All are new designs and highly visible in the community. This year we also be replacing several sets of playing jumpers that will require sponsor’s logos and there is also an opportunity for a logo on our sportsbags.

We have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze level sponsorship, as well as individual team sponsorship.

Be part of the action, get your business involved and exposed – talk to us now and together we can make a difference for our kids.

Scarborough Junior Football Club – Sponsorship

Australian Rules Football continues to grow as a national game and children as young as 3 and 4 years of age are learning to play this great game. At SJFC we have over 400 children playing between the ages of 5 and 17 years of age. With increasing exposure to computers, electronic games, Facebook, TV, etc, the benefits of participating in a sporting activity are enormous for children as they grow and develop.

Whether it is to keep fit or to help with making friendships, develop coordination, strength and agility or just get out and have fun playing football it has major benefits. Best of all it is fun and brings the local community together.

Local business can be a major partner in any successful community activity, and play a critical role in the success of a club or organisation. Businesses can not only provide the financial support required to deliver club services and activities but also be strong advocates to promote or generate support for a local community club.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is more than just a cash investment into a promotional activity. Sponsors seek affiliation with a particular event, cause or a team in order to “develop, improve, or change a business’s brand image”, generate good will within the target audience and to foster positive attitudes towards the company or product.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a growing form of marketing for businesses of all sizes and provides the opportunities to boost their visibility within their community, establish goodwill, develop brand recognition, develop closer relationships with potential customers and showcase products and services.

With over 400 members and families, SJFC sponsorship provides the opportunity to gain valuable exposure to the local Scarborough community.

The Scarborough Junior Football Club is also affiliated and has strong links with the Claremont Football Club, the Scarborough Amateur Football Club and the Scarborough Sportsmen’s Club.

Becoming a Sponsor

If your business is interested in exploring a sponsorship package with the Scarborough Junior Football Club, please contact either Adrian Smith ( or Ben Boyce (

We look forward to your business becoming an important part of SJFC.